Club Alpbach Steiermark


In Styria the much-invoked “Spirit of Alpbach” has been embodied by the "Club Alpbach for European Culture -Club Styria" since 1977.The founders of the Club have been participants of the Forum Alpbach from the very beginning.Club Styria was a pioneer by being one of the first Clubs to offer scholarships to students and young scientists. Since then, our Club has been represented in this way not only by numerous established participating and lecturing club members, but also by an impressive and ever-growing number of young minds who are eager to immerse themselves in the "Spirit of Alpbach".Throughout the year, lectures on a wide variety of topics from the fields of science, politics, economics and culture are held on a regular basis. The open interdisciplinary dialogue that originated in Alpbach is thus continued in the “Green Heart of Austria”.

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For more information or sponsoring activities please contact the following club members:

  • Herwig Hösele, Chairman
  • Klaus Poier, Secretary General
  • Manuel P. Neubauer, Deputy Secretary General