Club Alpbach Trentino


Club Alpbach Trentino was founded in 2013 by three students from the University of Trento, after their first experience at the European Forum Alpbach. The aim of the Club is to spread the "spirit of Alpbach" in Trentino and among its young people, the unique atmosphere of intellectual, open and constructive discussion within an informal environmet that one experiences during the three weeks of the European Forum Alpbach. The Club Alpbach Trentino works on two fronts. On the one hand, it organises an annual fundraiser to offer scholarships for participation in the Forum. On the other hand, it is committed to fostering a cross-generational, cross-expertise, horizontal and intercultural dialogue in Trentino by organising conferences, seminars, workshops and other activities.

Get in touch

For more information or sponsoring activities please contact the following club members:

  • Assia Brahimi, President
  • Leonardo Scanavino, Vice-President
  • Francesca Bertin, Secretary General