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For many decades, Europe was a guarantee for peace and prosperity. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, however, has put an abrupt end to this dream, and we have woken up in a New Europe. In a Europe that is weakened, having lost its economic, political and social leadership position over the last 15 years and having neglected its defence. What we need now are solutions and ideas that strengthen Europe. “For more than 75 years the European Forum Alpbach has been fulfilling its obligation to strengthen Europe. With this year’s annual theme The New Europe, we have sent a clear signal that we are now, more than ever, the place where we talk about Europe’s future”, explains Andreas Treichl, President of the EFA. And the very place to discuss it is the European Forum Alpbach. The Forum 2022, hosted under the annual theme The New Europe, takes place from 21 August to 2 September in Alpbach and is centred around the four major challenges for Europe’s future:

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