27 August - 30 August

Austria in Europe Days

20230826 141833 efa23 New Ways of Enforcing the Rule of Law in Europec EFA Marko Risovic

The Forum for those who shape Europe from an Austrian perspective.

To define Austria’s role in Europe and vice versa, the Austria in Europe Days mark the season opening of Austrian politics. Key actors of civil society, business, and parliament take part in the familiar EFA formats (hikes, chats, stages, workshops, rituals) in order to productively engage with each other and the next generation.


20230830 165340 Opening Austria in Europe Days Preview c EFA Bogdan Baraghin

President of Austria, Alexander Van der Bellen, at the opening of "Austria in Europe Days" 2023.

20230829 100536 efa23 Rebuilding Ukraine c EFA Elisabeth Mandl

Karoline Edtstadler, Austrian Federal Minister for EU and Constitution, in the chat session "Rebuilding Ukraine" with Anna Derevyanko, Executive Director of the European Business Association.

220822 192938 efa22 Cheers to EFA22 by A1 c EFA Elisabeth Mandl

Social get-together with food and drinks.

230829 143334 efa23 emotions vs facts preview c EFA Andrei Pungovschi

Chat Session "Emotions vs. Facts - Can "Factfulness" Help Change the World?" with Willibald Cernko, CEO of Erste Group Bank and Anna Rosling, co-founder of the Gapminder Foundation.

20220822 155828 efa22 opening new europe EFA Andrei Pungovschi A

First Vice-President of the European Parliament Othmar Karas, President of Moldova Maia Sandu, President of the EFA Andreas Treichl and Austrian Federal Chancellor Karl Nehammer at the "Opening – The New Europe".

20230829 170440 Democracy vs Autocracy How can Democracy Win Preview c EFA Bogdan Baraghin

Panel discussion with Shalini Randeria, President and Rector of CEU, Alexander Soros, Chairman of the Open Society Foundation, Karoline Edtstadler, Federal Minister for EU and Constitution in Austria, Sergei Guriev, Provost at Sciences Po and Ivan Krastev, Permanent Fellow at IWM.

20220823 135148 efa22 european homeownership EFA Andrei Pungovschi

Boris Vujčić, Croatian economist, university professor, and the Governor of the Croatian National Bank in a spontaneous session.

20220821 10 18 46 efa22 tyr opening EFA Philipp Huber

Tyrol Day Opening.

20230828 17424295 efa23 United but Alone previewc EFA Andrei Pungovschi

Chat Session with Oby Ezekwesili, President/Founder/CEO, Human Capital Africa (HCA) / School of Politics, Policy and Governance (SPPG).

20230901 092814 efa23 SEC time for a zeitenwende in austria preview c EFA Philipp Huber

Hike Session "Time for a „Zeitenwende“ in Austria?".

Line up of our highlight sessions

Back on Track: Democratic Backsliding and the Challenge of Re-Democratisation

In an era where democratic principles are increasingly under siege, understanding both the decline and the revival of democracy is essential. This session will delve into the critical phases of democratic erosion and explore effective strategies for re-democratisation.

European Defence: Investing More, Better and European

In light of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the necessity for robust defense mechanisms is more critical than ever. With potential reductions in US military aid, the onus is on European countries to not only maintain but enhance their support. This discussion will delve into the challenges and opportunities for Europe to maximize its defense industry’s output and meet Ukraine's pressing military needs.

Shifting Paradigms: Use the Power of Your Personal Climate Handprint

In the face of a rapidly worsening climate crisis, traditional narratives around individual responsibility often leave people feeling paralyzed and demotivated. The concept of the "carbon footprint" has long dominated discussions, sometimes fostering blame and inaction rather than empowerment. This session aims to shift the focus from what we’re doing wrong to how we can make a positive impact.

Rethinking Work in the Age of AI & Automation

The rapid rise of digital technologies is transforming our world, bringing both challenges and opportunities to the labor market. While the automation and digitalization of processes may lead to the disappearance of some traditional roles, they also herald the emergence of new job sectors and the evolution of existing professions. This session delves into how we can navigate this transition effectively, focusing on equipping the workforce with the skills needed for the future.

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Alpbach Mountains

About European Forum Alpbach

The European Forum Alpbach is a space and place for the emergence of reflection and action.

It brings together young people from Europe and from all over the world with the most innovative minds from politics, business, civiI society, culture, and science to drive ideas for a strong and democratic Europe.

With this diverse, intergenerational, and interdisciplinary community, the Forum influences key actors throughout the European continent to facilitate their learning and decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I come to the Austria in Europe Days in Alpbach?

The Austria in Europe Days are your go-to if you…

  • would like to meet key actors of Austrian and international politics, business and civil society.
  • want to play an active part in the Austrian contribution to a strong and democratic Europe.
  • wish to anchor a common European vision in Austria.

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How do I get to Alpbach?

Coming to Alpbach by public transport is easy. There are bus services from the train stations Wörgl, Jenbach and Brixlegg to Alpbach. The closest airports to Alpbach are Munich and Innsbruck airport. From there, you can easily take a train to one of the above-mentioned stations. Please visit the Austrian National Railway Service to find your connection: https://www.oebb.at/en/. Note that all relevant information about public transport will be updated shortly briefly before the start of the European Forum Alpbach.

How many people will be attending?

Last year, close to 4,200 participants from around 100 nations, among them 600 young scholarship holders, came to Alpbach to engage in debate and find common solutions to the most pressing issues of our time.

European Forum Alpbach brings together young people from Europe and from all over the world with the most innovative minds from politics, business, civil society, culture, and science to drive ideas for a strong and democratic Europe.

How much does the ticket cost?

All necessary information you can find here.

Do you offer reduced tickets?

The European Forum Alpbach provides a limited amount of 50% reduced tickets for people who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Representative of a registered NGO
  • Representative of a start-up company
  • Younger than 35 years of age and living or working outside of Austria
  • Member of a scientific organisation

People who meet these criteria and would like to participate at the European Forum Alpbach can apply for one of the limited reduced tickets.

To apply follow this link.

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