Alpbach Ideas

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25 Oct, 2022


This initiative enables joint sense-making and co-creative problem solving across EFA generations and throughout the year by fostering action with positive long-term effects for the future.

What is Alpbach Ideas?

  • Alpbach Ideas is an initiative that supports participants in tackling urgent challenges with transformative approaches in the framework of the four EFA tracks.
  • With the aim of fostering concepts or ideas with positive long-term effects on a local or planetary scale, Alpbach Ideas calls for a systematic understanding of the problems we are facing today.
  • Unlikely allies are invited to find together in teams to better understand these common challenges and to develop concepts or ideas to generate integral answers and visible value.
  • Selected concepts or ideas will take part at EFA23 and set the stage for Europe’s future.

190 participants from more than 45 countries joined already. Stay tuned to see what's coming next!


  • SELECTION PHASE 7 February 2023: Jury selection process
  • ANNOUNCEMENT and AGREEMENT TALKS: end of March-April
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