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28 Jul, 2023


Do you have an idea in mind that will help to shape a better and bolder Europe? Or do you want to join other bright minds in their aspirations and co-create solutions to pressing challenges? Join Alpbach IDEAS at the European Forum Alpbach 2023!

Alpbach IDEAS is a yearlong journey initiated by the European Forum Alpbach that aims to tackle pressing challenges on a community, societal and global level within the four thematic tracks of the EFA23. Alpbach IDEAS wants to provide aspiring changemakers and innovators with a space to experiment, learn & co-create ideas for a bolder Europe and will support participants through collaborative workshops, access to tools, mentorship, or simply by asking the right questions.

The one-year cycle of Alpbach IDEAS will be kicked-off at this year’s European Forum Alpbach with three dynamic IDEAS Camps, where participants will learn how to articulate their visions and aspirations, delve into different approaches to problem-solving, while also having the opportunity to put the learned frameworks into practice. Those teams with the most impactful and well-defined ideas will have the opportunity to participate in three bootcamps starting in November 2023, will receive a small funding to test their concepts, and eventually participate in the European Forum Alpbach 2024 to present their ideas for a bolder Europe.

Interested? This is how you can join:

1. Talk to us at “Food for Thought” from 21 to 24 August (1.45 to 2.45 p.m. at Mittelschule)

2. SIGN UP on the EFA23-APP and join us for the 3 IDEAS Camps:

  • 25 August, 9.00 a.m. – 12.00 p.m. | IDEAS Camp #1 on mindset & co-creation, hosted by Marina Bartoletti
  • 26 August, 2:00 – 4.30 p.m. | IDEAS Camp #2 on understanding a problem, hosted by Gabriele Rizzo
  • 27 August, 9.00 a.m. – 12.00 p.m. | IDEAS Camp #3 on exploring solutions and creating teams, hosted by Gabriele Rizzo

3. Alpbach IDEAS Infopoints: elaborate your ideas further & get inspiration from Content experts each day from 29 August to 1 September at 12.15 p.m. until 1.30 p.m. (Schulhäusl). This includes a workshop on how to design an engaging video reel to tell your story effectively!

Join us on 31 August at 12.15 – 1.00 p.m. at Schulhäusl.

Expected output?

By 2 September, all teams will have uploaded a 90 seconds video reel outlining the challenge they want to address and their suggested solution. Up to 8 teams will then be chosen to continue the journey throughout 2023 and 2024.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to engage in transformative learning, shape your ideas, and contribute to positive change in the world. Join us at the IDEAS Camps and let's embark on a journey of exploration, experimentation, and collaboration.

Why should I join?

This is an opportunity to work on solving a pressing problem and to contribute to shaping a "Bold Europe!" You will get to know an international network of people to work and exchange with and get access to world-class experts from various fields.

Who can join?

Aspiring changemakers, innovators, and problem solvers are invited! Participation in the Alpbach IDEAS programme is open to everyone, including scholarship holders and participants of the LAB days. There is no age limit – anyone who can participate in the "IDEAS Camp" during the European Forum Alpbach 2023 (25 – 27 August) can join the program.

Which ideas qualify?

You do not need to have a pre-defined idea to join the programme. Passion for a problem is key: Refine "your question" and draft a solution during the Forum.

The developed idea has to connect with at least one of EFA’s four thematic tracks: Rallying for Climate Action, Fighting for Europe’s Economic Sovereignty, Securing Europe in a Multipolar World, Reinforcing Democracy in Europe. Find out more about them HERE.

How many people can participate and how are the teams selected?

Up to 120 people can participate in the Alpbach IDEAS Camps at EFA23. A maximum of eight teams of between three and five people will get the chance to refine their ideas on a year-long journey after the event.

  • At the end of the EFA23 (on 2 September 2023), each team will have the opportunity to upload a 90 second reel showcasing their idea.
  • Then, the public will vote for the videos until approx. 10 September 2023
  • Then, a jury of four experts will rate the ideas. The public voting will be a part of the score, based on a weighted rating methodology.

Criteria for the team selection are:

  • Engagement during the Forum
  • Understanding of the problem
  • Relevance to the European Forum Alpbach Tracks
  • Solution Concept – how lean is the suggested solution?
  • Experiment design – what is the assumption the team wants to test? How does it plan to do it?
  • Public voting

What happens after EFA23?

The teams with the most impactful and well-defined idea suggestions and experiment designs will receive funding to test their idea in 2024. Additionally, they will gain access to:

  • Mentors for regular check-ins throughout the year
  • Funded participation in three bootcamps (including one in Vienna, with all expenses paid)
  • Funded tickets to join the EFA24 and present their learnings

Your EFA contact

Please email Sophie Langer-Hansel at