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FANVoices | Ukraine


A special edition of our #believeineurope Community Call series took place on Monday, 28 February. “United with Ukraine” organised in cooperation with ERSTE Group gave voice to several members of our Forum Alpbach Network from Ukraine:

Oleksandr Ivanov and Maria Kurinna shared deeply emotional accounts from the warzone. In addition, Olena Drost and Sofiia Shevchuk gave important insights on the situation for Ukrainians abroad, and how they are supporting the country and their friends and families in need. While informing the general public about the war and debunking conspiracy theories are important activities, organising protests and participating in demonstrations constitute further important measures for support.  

In line with the EFA’s history, we stay committed to our mission of connecting people across sectors and borders and enhance intergenerational dialogue and spread the word of our members in need. Therefore, please find transcriptions of their moving stories and personal statements as follows: 

  • Oleksandr Ivanov, Activist, Kyiv Initiative Group Alpbach
  • Maria Kurinna, International Advocacy Officer at the Human Rights NGO ZMINA, Kyiv Initiative Group Alpbach


In order to support Ukraine right now the following links were shared during the call: