New Europe

European Forum Alpbach 2022 from 21 August to 2 September

Beim Europäischen Forum Alpbach 2022 werden wir die vier für Europa zentralen Themen – Klima, Sicherheit, Finanzen sowie Demokratie & Rechtsstaat – bearbeiten und diskutieren. Um die Entwicklungen Europas voranzutreiben, brauchen wir neue Sichtweisen. Gerade in Zeiten wie diesen ist es essenziell, dass wir gemeinsam Europa stärken und generationenübergreifend die Zukunft unseres Kontinents, unsere Zukunft, neu denken und formen. Wie dieses neue Europa aussieht und was es nun am dringendsten braucht, ist das diesjährige Generalthema des Europäischen Forums Alpbach. Unter dem Titel „The New Europe“ geht es jetzt um nichts weniger als um die Existenz und die Zukunft unseres Kontinents. Gestalten Sie die Zukunft Europas mit!


Securing Europe’s Future in a Globalised World

The increasingly complex geopolitical situation in which Europe has to position itself requires the development of a European response that is capable of effectively addressing current challenges and anticipate future threats while preserving its inherent values and principles. We will look at challenges for Europe's security situation, examine the answers presented by key actors and create a framework for the development of innovative ideas.

Ic The Climate Opportunity

The Climate Opportunity

At the core of the climate crisis stands a set of opportunities that will allow for systemic change, transformative solutions and innovation. We will reflect on how to accelerate the transition towards carbon-neutrality through new economic thinking, leadership transformation, the empowerment and engagement of everyone, and strategic climate finance. Considering currently fast-shifting geo-political realities in Europe, the interplay of the climate crisis and geopolitics becomes apparent.


The Financing of Europe’s Future

Europe’s impressive post world war success story has come to a halt during the last 20 years. The reasons for that are manyfold. The Track addresses some of the major economic and financial consequences of this unfortunate development. However, in the activist spirit of Alpbach, we will also examine opportunities to revive the European story within the digital economy of the 21st century and discuss opportunities with key stakeholders on how to further develop Europe into a vibrant capital market.

Ic The Future of Democracy and the Rule of Law in Europe

The Future of Democracy and the Rule of Law in Europe

It's about the rise of populism and authoritarian politics, the failure to deliver on the promise of social advancement, the citizens' loss of trust in representative democracy and - reinforced by the corona pandemic – a deep distrust in established media, institutional science and information channels. On the Agenda: Discussions on the topics defend Open Society better governance how to participate and (dis)informed.