FAQ Scholarship Programme

Please note that most questions here concern the EFA application process, i.e. if you apply via EFA. For questions regarding scholarships awarded by FAN Clubs, please refer to their respective websites.


Who can apply?

The scholarship to participate in the European Forum Alpbach is available to:

  • International applicants up to the age of 30 (up to 35 for African applicants).
  • We welcome applications from all countries and professional/academic backgrounds.

We would like to encourage candidates coming from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds, members of ethnical or religious minorities, members of the LGBTQI community, people with disabilities, and refugees or displaced persons to apply for a scholarship. If you identify as belonging to one of these groups, you may indicate this in your motivational statement. We will take it into consideration in our jury assessment.

There is a special application procedure for nationals of ROC Taiwan or permanent residents in Taiwan: Please apply via the Lung Yintai Cultural Foundation (https://www.civictaipei.org/in...). More information will follow soon.

When can I apply?

The European Forum Alpbach application platform will be open between March 1, 12 pm CET and March 31, 12 pm CEST, 2023.

How can I apply?

If you apply for a scholarship via EFA, please apply via our online application platform (link will be shared on March 1 at 12 pm). Please read the requirements carefully in order to make sure to submit a complete application. Incomplete applications or applications that reach us via e-mail will not be accepted. Late submission of missing documents will also not be considered. If you apply via a FAN Club, please visit their website to inquire about their application procedure.

Please note there is a special application procedure for nationals of ROC Taiwan or permanent residents in Taiwan: Please apply via the Lung Yintai Cultural Foundation (https://www.civictaipei.org/in...).

What does my scholarship at the EFA23 cover?

Scholarships for the European Forum Alpbach 2023 cover your participation fee and your accomodation in Alpbach. Additionally, EFA scholarship holders receive a daily allowance of EUR 20,-/day. Some Clubs within the Forum Alpbach Network offer a reimbursement of travel costs and/or daily allowances (please refer to their respective websites.)

I have already attended the European Forum Alpbach as a scholar onsite. Can I apply again?

No. Scholarships for the European Forum Alpbach 2023 are only available for first-time scholarship holders. This means that you haven't been granted an onsite scholarship before. If you have already attended the European Forum Alpbach onsite as a scholarship holder and wish to return, you may apply for a seminar assistant position. The call for applications will be shared in March on https://www.alpbach.org.

I have already attended the European Forum Alpbach digitally as a scholar. Can I apply?

Yes. If you have attended the European Forum Alpbach 2020 or 2021 as an e-scholar, you may apply for a scholarship for the European Forum Alpbach 2023, provided you fulfill the general requirements.

Are there any costs that I have to cover myself?

Travel costs to and from Alpbach have to be covered by you, as well as health care and travel insurance. Onsite, EFA scholarship holders will receive a daily allowance of EUR 20,-/day.

Which documents should I prepare for my online application?

If you apply via EFA, you need to prepare a proof of your English B2 level and a diploma, transcript of records or proof of employment. Please refer to the section "I want to apply via EFA" to see which documents we accept. You will be asked to fill out CV details and indicate your motivation to attend EFA. If you apply via one of the FAN Clubs, please refer to their respective websites.

I will turn 30 this year. Can I apply for a regular scholarship?

Yes, scholarships are open to all applicants born after 03.09.1992. If you come from an African country, the age limit of 35 limit applies, i.e. scholarships are open to applicants born after 03.09.1987.

I am under 18. Can I apply for a scholarship?

Yes, scholarships are open to all applicants born before 19.08.2005.

I do not have any academic background. Can I apply?

Yes, we welcome applications of non-graduates and strive to increase the percentage of non-academic scholarship holders at EFA.

I am an Austrian citizen. Can I apply via EFA?

If you do not have any regional affiliation to one of the Austrian FAN Clubs, for instance because you never lived in Austria, you may apply via EFA. Please note that the EFA offers only a limited number of scholarships to Austrian citizens.

I am a Taiwanese citizen. How can I apply for a scholarship?

You will need to apply via the Lungyin Tai Cultural Foundation. Please check their website for updates about the call for applications: https://civictaipei.org/

Can I submit multiple applications at EFA and the FAN clubs?

Yes, you may submit more than one application. If you apply via EFA and via one of the FAN Clubs, please indicate this in our online form.


I have a disability. Is the scholarship programme barrier-free?

The European Forum Alpbach is committed to diversity and inclusion with the goal of providing an accessible and welcoming environment for scholarship holders with disabilities. If you have any questions about accessibility of the Forum, please contact scholarships@alpbach.org. We will provide you with all necessary information about attending the Forum as a person with disabilities. All your information will remain confidential. If you think that we should consider the fact that you have a disability in the assessment of your application, you may indicate this in your motivational statement.

Can I send you my application by e-mail or mail?

No. You can only apply through the online application platform.

Do I need to pay any fee to apply for a scholarship?

No. The application is free of charge.

Do I have to send a recommendation letter with my application?

No, a letter of recommendation is not required.

I have some questions about the application process that have not been answered here. What do I do?

Join our webinars! We offer one webinar on 28 February, 5-6 pm (CET), and one in March (date tbc). Sign up to our scholarship newsletter to stay up to date. (link: https://www.alpbach.org/newsle...) You may also send us your questions via e-mail to scholarships@alpbach.org.


How does the selection process work?

If you apply via EFA, the selection process starts with a check of formal criteria. Applications fulfilling the formal criteria will be passed on to the next round where they are anonymised and subsequently reviewed and rated by two members of our selection committee. Our selection committee consists of engaged members of our community who work in various fields of society, e.g. academia, think tanks, business, etc. Many of them are alumni and/or former participants of the Forum. The average of the two jury ratings defines the ranking of all candidates. Based on these rankings, the European Forum Alpbach finalises the selection of candidates, taking into consideration a balanced mix of disciplines and backgrounds. FAN Clubs and initiative groups have their own selection process and criteria. Please visit their website for further information.

When will applicants be informed about the results?

Applicants will be notified by the end of May 2023.

Should I be granted a scholarship, is it still possible to decline?

Yes. Your scholarship will be final only after your final confirmation. You need to accept or decline your scholarship within seven days after receiving our acceptance e-mail.

Where do I find the scholarship terms and conditions?

Once you are selected for a scholarship at EFA23, you will receive a scholarship offer along with the terms and conditions.

Who sponsors my scholarship?

Scholarships for the European Forum Alpbach are made possible through sponsorship, grants and donations. The list of our sponsors will be published on our website with the programme launch in April.


How do I arrange my accommodation for the EFA?

The EFA has reserved rooms for all scholarship holders in Alpbach and surrounding villages for the entire EFA23. If you are selected as a scholarship holder, we will take care of the booking. Note that most accommodations have shared rooms (two to six people in a room).

Do I need a visa to come to Alpbach?

Nationals of EU member states, the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland do not require a visa for entering the Republic of Austria. All other nationals require a visa in order to enter the Schengen Area or the Austrian territory. As a general rule, the passport must be valid at least three months beyond the planned date of departure from the Schengen area. Please check the visa requirements for your country here: https://www.bmeia.gv.at/en/tra...

Will you be able to support my visa application?

The Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs supports us and will inform the closest Austrian consulate or a consulate with representation for Austria of your visa application. Every Austrian consulate will issue your visa free of charge. However, we can only assure that this is the case when directly applying at Austrian consulates. If you apply at the consulate of another member of the Schengen area, we cannot guarantee that your files are handled free of charge.

Do I need a health and travel insurance to come to Alpbach?

Yes, you are responsible for contracting health care and travel insurance for the period of your stay in Alpbach with two additional days for travelling between your hometown and Alpbach.

How do I get to Alpbach?

Coming to Alpbach by public transport is easy. There are bus services from the train stations Wörgl, Jenbach and Brixlegg to Alpbach. The closest airports to Alpbach are Munich, Innsbruck and Vienna Airport. From there, you can easily take a train to one of the above-mentioned stations. Please visit the Austrian National Railway Service to find your connection: https://www.oebb.at/en/. Note that all relevant information about public transport will be updated shortly before the start of the European Forum Alpbach.

Where can I eat?

Alpbach has many restaurants and places to eat. In most hotels and restaurants, you will find reasonably priced lunch menus. You will get detailed information on this in Alpbach. There is a big SPAR supermarket on the left-hand side of the main street as you enter the village where you can buy products of daily necessity. In most cases, your accommodation includes breakfast (if not, your accommodation will have a kitchen at your disposal).

Which seminars will I be able to attend?

All scholarship holders will attend a scientific and an artistic/practical seminar of their choice. Further information on the seminars at EFA23 will be shared with selected applicants in due time.

What should I bring to Alpbach? Is there a dress code?

Alpbach is a mountain village where the weather changes fast - even in the summer. Do not forget to bring warm clothes, weatherproof footwear and rain jackets with you! Please bear in mind that the roads in Alpbach are steep, so flat-heeled shoes are advisable. The dress code ranges from casual to smart casual. If you are unsure about how to dress, have a look at the photos of the previous EFA on https://www.alpbach.org/blog/e....

If you consider participating in hikes, please bring warm clothes and appropriate shoes (trekking shoes or at least adequate sneakers). Participation is at your own risk. As the European Forum Alpbach is a Green Meeting, we strongly encourage you to bring your own refillable water bottle. You will need it in particular during the Alpbach Seminars.

For the Alpbach Seminars, please bring your own laptop.

Make sure to bring enough money for the first week in Alpbach! Daily allowances will only be paid out after a few days. Please make sure to have enough cash (or a debit card that allows you to withdraw cash in Austria) on you to be able to pay for any expenses you might encounter on the first week.

In case of harassment or conflicts, how does the EFA react?

All participants of the EFA (including partners, scholarship holders, staff) agree to the EFA Code of Conduct. Professional and appropriate behaviour is expected of everyone at all times and places during the EFA. During the EFA, an ombudsperson (with no affiliation to EFA) is present and available to mediate in case of violation or conflict. You can reach the ombudsperson during the event via e-mail. More information here: Code of Conduct: https://www.alpbach.org/code-o...

I have professional obligations and can not stay during the entire duration of the EFA23. What do I do?

The scholarship programme lasts from 19 August to 2 September 2023. Scholarship holders are required to attend the entire EFA23. In exceptional and justified cases (e.g., professional or academic obligations), you may stay for a shorter period of time. To receive a participation certificate, you nonetheless need to participate in at least 3 out of 4 full programme blocks. If you've been selected as a scholarship holder and know that you won't be able to participate in the entire EFA23 please inform us as soon as possible. No exceptions will be made for applicants who would only be able to stay less than 3 out of 4 full programme blocks.


Do I need to hand in a feedback report after my stay in Alpbach?

Yes - your feedback matters! We want to make the European Forum Alpbach better every year and to adjust it to your needs and requirements. This is why we would like to hear your feedback in a short report of ~1 page.

Moreover, our scholarship programme would not be possible without the generous support of organisations and private persons. By providing sufficient funds, they make your participation in the European Forum Alpbach possible. In order to convey your experiences and impressions to our sponsors and to attest the importance of their financial contribution, your feedback reports are crucial for us.

How do scholarship holders stay in touch after the European Forum Alpbach?

There are plenty of ways to stay connected after the European Forum Alpbach. The Forum Alpbach Network and the Africa Alpbach Network, the two alumni organisations of the European Forum Alpbach, organise activities during the year and will bring you closer together. Find a Club or an Initiative Group in your region, or become an Ambassador! More information on https://www.alpbach.org/about/...