EFA 24 - Programme is now online

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14 May, 2024

In around three months' time, the European Forum Alpbach 2024 event will take place under the annual theme "Moment of Truth". We are delighted to present you the first programme details and speakers today. Find more information and the continuously updated programme on our website.

First programme details now available

From Pope Francis to Ada Colau and Joschka Fischer - this year's EFA will bring together outstanding international personalities in a politically groundbreaking year.

Vienna/Alpbach - The European Forum Alpbach (EFA) has today published the first programme highlights for this year's event in August. Since 1945, the Forum has brought together key actors from politics, science, business, arts and culture to address the most pressing challenges Europe is facing. "Especially in a year of many elections and marked by great uncertainty, this exchange across society is fundamental," emphasised EFA President Andreas Treichl and EFA Secretary General Feri Thierry at the presentation. The programme will be continuously expanded until the Forum in August and is available at www.alpbach.org.

"From the very beginning, the European Forum Alpbach has pursued the goal of laying the foundations for a strong, courageous and peaceful Europe. At a time full of political and economic challenges and strong polarisations, EFA's purpose is more relevant than ever. Under the motto 'Moment of Truth', we are focusing on the necessary solutions that can shape Europe's future and its role in the world in the long term," explains Andreas Treichl.

"We offer the opportunity to think outside the box and pursue innovative approaches by bringing together people who would otherwise never meet. This is the basis for important decisions and solutions that can bring about real change," explains Feri Thierry, referring to the forum's thematic tracks, its modules and formats, which are expected to bring together more than 4,000 participants from different generations and disciplines.

Strong national and international line-up - 7,500 applications for scholarships

At the time of the programme presentation, numerous well-known personalities from politics, business, culture and science had already confirmed their participation, including the former German Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer, the Montenegrin President Jakov Milatović, the German Minister of State Anna Lührmann, the Polish Minister of Justice Adam Bodnar, the former Mayor of Barcelona Ada Colau, Nobel Prize winners Joseph Stiglitz and Anton Zeilinger, IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi, OSCE Secretary General Helga Schmid, CEO of Infineon Austria Sabine Herlitschka, CEO of EIT Climate-KIC Kirsten Dunlop, former UBS and ING CEO Ralph Hamers as well as numerous members of the Austrian Federal Government, members of the governments of European countries and members of the European Parliament.

One highlight will be the planned video live link with Pope Francis at the opening of the "Europe in the World Days". The list of participants will be continuously expanded until the Forum.

EFA24 organised in five modules

During the "Euregio Days" (17 - 18 August), people from the European region of Tyrol/South Tyrol/Trentino come together in Alpbach. At the Euregio Days, outstanding research and innovation are honoured with "Tyrol Day" as a first festive highlight of the EFA24.

The "Seminar Days" (18 - 24 August) offer an international platform for over 500 scholarship holders and young talents from all over the world.

The "Lab Days" (22 - 24 August) are dedicated to specific issues. Experts from various fields work together to develop solutions.

The "Europe in the World Days" (24 - 27 August) focus on European stakeholders. Key actors from European politics, business, science and culture meet in Alpbach to kick off the season.

The "Austria in Europe Days" (27 - 30 August) focus on Austria's role in Europe. Representatives of civil society as well as entrepreneurs and politicians will come to Alpbach to exchange ideas with each other and with the next generation.