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Sculptures unbound

Students of Brigitte Kowanz show their artworks: They deal with borders and the longing for togetherness.

Young artists are presenting their works in the Congress Centre with some of them also exhibiting in the middle of the village of Alpbach. The students come from the class at the University for Applied Arts Vienna led by Brigitte Kowanz, who is currently providing one of Austria’s two contributions to the Biennale.

Photo: Andrei Pungovschi

In Alpbach, the artists are tackling questions of Europe and social issues. Marie Reichel, for example, has attached a giant snorkel with two copper mouthpieces to one of the staircases of the Congress Centre, and set up a red tête-à-tête sofa next to the terrace. Reichel’s third object is set of three 1.4-metre tall prints next to the reception. The triptych is intended as a reminder of the feeling of togetherness and privacy amid the bustle of the forum.

Film of the ancient myth of Europa

Photo: Andrei Pungovschi

Anna Zilahi has set up loudspeakers at various locations in Alpbach, for example the bus stop. Loud breathing noises are intended to remind us of all those who are disadvantaged and can’t take part in events such as the Forum. An installation in front of the Congress Centre – a closed loop of bent sheet steel – provokes thoughts of fences and gateways. Artist Thomas Hitchcock wants to pose questions of belonging and group-formation.

In Brigitte Kowanz’s “Transmedial Art” class at the University of Applied Arts, the boundaries between installation, painting, sculpture, video and text are blurred. The students Diana Barbosa Gil and Anna-Sofie Lugmeier have produced the film “Cyborg Europa”, in which they deal with the mythical figure of Europa, the phenomenon of cyborgs and parallels to the continent’s political search for identity.



Sediments of Union. Exhibition tour with the artists, August 17th, 5.30 pm

Sediments of Union. Screening, artist talk, performance, August 18th, 7 pm