9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Friday, 25 August
180 minutes
First come first serve
Join us for the Alpbach IDEAS programme, a newly designed initiative aimed at bridging the gap between discourse and practice, providing a space for designing experiments and continuous learning. 
Aspiring changemakers, innovators, and problem solvers are invited to participate in a series of three dynamic workshops called IDEAS Camps. Attendance at all three workshops is mandatory for individuals interested in joining the Alpbach IDEAS programme in 2023/2024.

Workshop 1 with Marina Bartoletti: explores compassionate systems and eco-centered problem-solving.

Workshop 2 led by Gabriele Rizzo: offers insights from Harvard and Stanford frameworks to shape visions effectively.

Workshop 3: puts frameworks into practice, fostering collaboration and team formation. 

Active participation is highly encouraged throughout all workshops, as they are designed to be interactive and engaging. The desired outcome is for each team to gain clarity on the experiment or idea they wish to pursue in the upcoming year. It's not about having perfect ideas, but about learning and experimenting, embracing the spirit of innovation and growth.
Participation in the Alpbach IDEAS programme is open to everyone, including scholarship holders and participants of the LAB days. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to engage in transformative learning, shape your ideas, and contribute to positive change in the world. Join us at the IDEAS Camps and let's embark on an inspiring journey of exploration, experimentation, and collaboration.
//INFO: Limited capacity of 100 people

Gabriele Rizzo

Principal Advisor and Foresight Executive for a G7 Government

Marina Bartoletti

Founder EVENTORY Lab