Keep It in the Ground: Diffusing Carbon Bombs

3:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Keep It in the Ground: Diffusing Carbon Bombs

Wednesday, 23 August
210 minutes
By Invitation only
A skill we thought we might never need is currently in high demand: that of diffusing - not literal but so-called -"carbon bombs". If all fossil fuel extraction infrastructure projects ("carbon bombs") that are currently in the pipeline are realised, the 1.5 celsius climate goal is under extreme threat. Carbon emissions must fall by half by 2030 to preserve the chance of a liveable future, the IPCC states, and therefore decisive and effective action is needed. This seminar will enable you to take your first steps towards designing effective climate action campaigns aimed at promoting the non-extraction of further fossil fuels.  

Romain Olla

Campaigner Task force against Eacop
Seminar Chair

Matisse Rivières

Climate Campaign Manager Regroop