Personal, Collective and Systemic Reflection

9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Personal, Collective and Systemic Reflection

Thursday, 31 August
180 minutes
First come first serve
This is a space to delve into deep reflection and process experiences amidst all conversations and impressions happening in Alpbach. Collectively and individually you have the chance explore what moves you.

The essence of what will guide this session is: How do we be with the urgency and complexity that is happening around us?

The space of this reflective hike will be held by Ilana Wetzler, transformational facilitator.

//INFO: Circular hiking trail Böglerwiese Hausberg. Bring hiking shoes and water. In case of heavy rain, the session will take place in the first floor (EG1) of the Volksschule of Alpbach.

Ilana Wetzler

Transformational Guide & Facilitator