Re-Imagine Cooperation: Build Your Essential Negotiation Skills

4:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Re-Imagine Cooperation: Build Your Essential Negotiation Skills

Sunday, 20 August
210 minutes
By Invitation only
Claiming your place at the negotiation table and actively shaping today's world and our future: The ability to successfully negotiate, to communicate, to cooperate and find solutions for emerging conflicts are essential for cooperating in a peaceful manner and across generations. 
Practice applying the Vienna School Negotiation Toolbox such as Harvard's Principled Negotiations for preparing, strategizing and managing difficult situations, the Process Communication Model for navigating relationships and increased self-efficacy as well as Compassionate Accountability for dealing with conflicts without casualties.  
Join the learning partnership by featuring Harvard case simulations, exercises and real-life situations, designed to provide hands-on experience and help integrate these tools into your daily lives. Start your negotiator journey now. 
Seminar Chair

Christine Krimmel

CEO CX Agentur Strategieagentur für Kund:innenfokus
Seminar Chair

Sonja Rauschütz

Founder & Managing Partner Vienna School of Negotiation