Responsible AI, Ethics, Law and Society

9:00 am - 12:30 pm
Responsible AI, Ethics, Law and Society

Tuesday, 22 August
210 minutes
By Invitation only
The deployment of Artificial Intelligence systems in multiple domains of society raises fundamental challenges and concerns, such as accountability, liability, fairness, transparency, privacy and how to protect human rights in the future. The dynamic nature of AI systems requires a new set of skills informed by ethics, law, and policy to be applied throughout the life cycle of such systems: design, development and deployment. Tackling these challenges calls for an interdisciplinary approach: deconstructing these issues by discipline and reconstructing with an integrated mindset, principles and practices between data science, ethics, law, and others, and ongoing collaboration among them.

This course aims to do so by bringing students in direct contact with possible effects of AI, and consequently tasking them to reflect and find responses to the AI-induced challenges. The current legal and philosophical debate on AI will serve as benchmark to generate solutions.
The sessions will include lectures, discussions, and group work. No specific background is required, but students are asked to contribute from their specific disciplinary strengths. Students are also asked to accept an intensive series of in-class sessions, and not be afraid of encountering outdoor interactions.
Seminar Chair

Aloisia Wörgetter

Permanent Representative Austrian Permanent Representation to the Council of Europe
Seminar Chair

Peter Knees

Associate Professor TU Wien