Henriette Spyra

© Luiza Puiu
Director General Innovation & Technology, Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action

Henriette has been serving as Director General at the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action since 2021 following a two-year-term as Director Science & Innovation at the Austrian Environment Agency. As an innovation and mobility expert she looks back at a 15 year career in various public sector positions as well as research institutions. She is member of the supervisory board at AIT Austrian Institute of Technology as well as SAL Silicon Austria Labs. A stubborn optimist Henriette enjoys bridging the worlds of policy, technology, sustainability and innovation. She is convinced that transformation always involves very personal experiences and strongly believes that the structural changes so urgently needed are in the end created by individuals in need of radical collaboration. Originally from East Berlin, Henriette believes in falling walls. She holds degrees from the University of Oxford as well as the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University.

Henriette Spyra on the Schedule 2022