Playfully Serious, Hands-On: Housing of the Future

3:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Playfully Serious, Hands-On: Housing of the Future

Monday, 21 August
210 minutes
By Invitation only
In this interactive seminar we will experiment and discuss concepts regarding the housing of the future. In a world that is dominated by crises, climate change and scarcity of resources it is necessary to develop strategies for a built environment that is sustainable and circular, that enables social inclusion and empowers people.
By visiting best practice projects and by experiencing and reflecting together on the built environment in Alpbach, we will develop skills and awareness on how to use available resources, such as existing buildings and materials.
Playful hands-on approaches, different means of architectural expression and 1:1 spatial experiments will help us in our enquiry to opening new perspectives on the housing of the future.
Seminar Chair

Julia Halbauer

Projektleiterin nonconform ideenwerkstatt gmbh
Seminar Chair

Anna Hagen

project leader, architect nonconform zt gmbh